Bike ride, fishing, good food, etc.

The day started with drinking my coffee on the patio. The weather was mild enough to be comfortable without having to wrap up. It really was prefect. I bit crisp, but was fine in flip flops and a t-shirt.

I got out of the house and went for a bike ride at Lewisville Railroad Park, which is pretty close to the house. The weather was gorgeous. It was 74 and blue skies. It was a fairly leisurely pace. I tried to get my heart rate up at times, but was mostly just enjoying the ride. I rode for 30 minutes covering about 6 miles.

One creepy thing that happened is that there was a lady that ran her car into one of the small ponds in the area. She had stabbed her husband, the drove her car into a pond with her 3 children on board. They all survived, as those ponds are pretty shallow close to the shore, but that pond was really close to Lewisville Railroad Park where I was riding and I actually saw the stop, as the tire tracks are still there.

After my bike ride I fished for a little while at one of the ponds in the park. No, not the pond where the lady drove her car into. I only caught one small bluegill, but it was pretty fun. Catching would have been more fun, but I really enjoyed it.

I left the park and went to The Cajun Turkey Company and bought some boudin. This place sells turkeys of course, but also sells boiled crawfish during crawfish season. The also have a small shop with a few items and some frozen meats which include boudin. I was really wanted boudin recently (always) and even went to another place the other day and really disappointed. I’ve had their boudin before and didn’t really remember it being spectacular, but I thought it was decent. I bough some pork and some crawfish boudin.

My next stop was La Super, which is a Mexican market in The Colony. I go there really often. Lisa was wanting some Tablitas, which I love as well. They are these thin cut short ribs that are marinated. They are so good. I always buy some chicharrones when I go there. They remind me of cracklins that I get back home in Louisiana. I also picked up some chiles to make salsa. Another fun thing about La Super is I get to practice my Spanish there.

I have a few pepper plants in the back yard that produced a few peppers, so along with the chiles de arbor, chiles de guajillos, and made salsa with my fresh peppers. I added garlic, onion, and salt with the peppers, and it came out pretty good. I feel like I never get it perfect, but my salsa is usually good.

I topped of the day with some nice smoked whiskey and a pile of tablitas.