Troy Thibodeaux

Spanish, what's up with that?

I am on my 30th day in a row using the Duolingo app to learn Spanish. I have the app set to where my daily goal is 20 minutes a day (50  XP), and I have reached that everyday, and most days have spent probably 30-45 minutes a day. I have no way of knowing if I'm on the right track and that my progress is where it should be. I cannot hold conversation in Spanish to any real degree. I know a lot of words and phrases now, but the few times I have attempted to have a simple conversation with someone in Spanish, I quickly hit a road block. 

Everyone says it's about immersion, and getting the language familiar by lots of exposure. That all makes sense, but I'm not sure how to go about that. I've listened to some Spanish radio, podcasts, etc, and even watched a couple of movies in Spanish. I have no way of knowing if that's helping. The Duolingo lessons are teaching me a lot, I think, but there's a certain level of comfort and familiarity with the app, and how it presents lessons, that has me doing really well in the app, but when I go outside of that, I'm a bit lost.

I'll keep at it and see where it takes me.


 "I'll use my power as president to get them out of the way"

You are now your father: Ep 1 Pepper Plants


I tried to order a simple drink
Me: I'll have a Hurricane, on the rocks.
Waitress: We only have frozen.
Me: Really? I see the mix behind you. Can you not just pour that in a glass with rum and ice?
Waitress: They won't let us.

I had to settle on frozen, but really?

My first 5 mile run in a long time.

Run felt good, but Achilles yelled at me after. I need to step up my stretching for sure. 

I ran again yesterday, but only 3 miles. The cool thing was at the end of my run I saw this deer next to the trail. It was beautiful, and just looking at me. I wanted to go up to it and say hello, but she would have none of that.

When I run out at Lake Lewisville, you never know what you will see. I've seen coyotes, bobcats, rabbits, snakes, deer, lizards, rats, and of course squirrels and birds.

I am one year sports free
49th Vibration show was a ton o' fun.


The show went well. We played around 45 minutes, and threw in 4 covers with our original songs. I think we played well, and my amp sounded good, as it was freshly repaired. 

My voice did not start off well. I never know what's going to happen vocally, but it was a bit cracky right off the bat. I think it got better as the show went on. I went to blame it on the monitors, but not sure that's fair. I think I talked too much in the loud bar leading up to our set.

My sister was in town, and that was special. Also, Lisa and both girls were there too, so it was a really special night. 

Did I mention that I caught a shark?

Gulf Shores 2021


If you have "fix" in your company name, you damn well better be able to "fix" it.
In 2020 I took about 9,000 pictures with my phone. That averages out to about 25 pictures a day. That's it. That's the post.