Troy Thibodeaux

I am one year sports free
49th Vibration show was a ton o' fun.


The show went well. We played around 45 minutes, and threw in 4 covers with our original songs. I think we played well, and my amp sounded good, as it was freshly repaired. 

My voice did not start off well. I never know what's going to happen vocally, but it was a bit cracky right off the bat. I think it got better as the show went on. I went to blame it on the monitors, but not sure that's fair. I think I talked too much in the loud bar leading up to our set.

My sister was in town, and that was special. Also, Lisa and both girls were there too, so it was a really special night. 

Did I mention that I caught a shark?

Gulf Shores 2021


If you have "fix" in your company name, you damn well better be able to "fix" it.
In 2020 I took about 9,000 pictures with my phone. That averages out to about 25 pictures a day. That's it. That's the post.
Vacation on the Horizon

 I'm getting so jacked about our vacation. Besides spending fun time with my wife, seeing friends, traveling, good food, good music, drinks, etc., I also get to do some surf fishing, which is always a blast.

I have watched so many surf fishing videos. It's torture to some degree, but I can't help myself.

This is not a fishing trip, so I'm bringing the bare minimum. I figure I can get by with a couple of polls, one box of tackle, and hopeful I can fit a sand spike in the car. My approach will be to set one line out with a bottom rig with shrimp, and try some lures with the other line.

My ultimate experience would be to catch a shark, but I'll be happy with any fish. I remember going to Galveston a few years ago, and all I caught were hardheads, but even that was pretty fun.

One step closer to normalcy

 I saw a friend for lunch today that I have not seen in over a year because of Covid. It was a really nice. I didn't need a reminder of how much I missed hanging with my friends, but it hit hard. More good times to come.

Oh yea, and I had crawfish!

New Damaged Faith song in the works
I say Damaged Faith song, because since it's a heavy song, I am assuming and hoping to collaborate with DF boys. Trevor has already thrown in some ideas, and even added a bridge and solo section, so it will truly be a DF song. Verses and chorus is pretty much done.

I did program some drum parts, but these are more suggestions for Chad. I hope he will run with it. There's also a bridge with some vocals that I think Joey would be perfect for Joey.

I even restrung the Scheter, so you know it's serious.

Stay tuned.
Sahara dust keeping temps down
Heck yea I'm excited about my purchase. Jack Miller's BBQ sauce is on the way.