Spanish learning Journey

After a couple of years of using Duolingo to learn Spanish, I am venturing out to find some other resources to up my game. For two years I’ve haven’t missed more than a day or two of taking a lesson with Duolingo. That being said, a lesson can be as little as 5-10 minutes, and some days that’s all I do. Many days I do take more, and I watch videos, watch Spanish shows on TV, listen to Spanish radio, etc. but I don’t know if I’m progressing that much. I do a decent job ordering food in restaurants, or ordering at the meat counter when I get my chicharrones, tablitas, chorizo, etc., but I freeze up often, and I have a really hard time understanding people when they talk to me.

Yesterday I started a Basic Spanish course at an online school. The site is The paid version gives you a certificate if you pass the class. It was only $29, so I went for it. So far it’s really beginner stuff, which I expected, but I’m looking forward to getting into some new areas.

I’ve actually taken 6 lessons with a actually teacher, in person. This is a beginner course as well, but it’s making me speak more and comprehend more that Duolingo, and of course a real person can explain what I’m doing wrong and give me insights into how to progress from fist-hand knowledge. I don’t think I can continue those lessons too long, or at least not every week because of the price. She charges a very fair price, but it’s not really an expense I want to take on indefinitely.