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RUGGED: Cloudberry AERO CM-2900-RJ45 Series

Product Description

The CloudberryAERO CM-2900-LP Series" small bold title to the full "The CloudberryAERO CM-2900-RJ45 Series - Rugged 19" Rack Mounted 36 Port Managed Airborne Gigabit Ethernet Switch with PTP GMC, TC/SC and RJ45 Connectors

 The CloudberryAERO CM-2900-RJ45 Series is a rugged Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) 36 port Gigabit Ethernet switch with PTP Grand Master Clock support with free running clock as time base optimized for aircraft and military network systems applications.

Featuring advanced Layer 2 networking with 36 ports of non-blocking wire-speed 10/100/1000Mbps connectivity and an integrated management processor, the CM-2900-RJ45 Series enables end nodes to operate with a synchronization accuracy better than 30ns across the operating temperature range: (-15 to +70C).

Featuring RJ45 connectors in an aluminum chassis, the unit serves as an ideal solution for connecting IP-enabled embedded devices in a demanding environment.

The CloudberryAERO CM-2900-RJ45 Series implements the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) according to IEEE 1588 Std 2002 (PTPv1) and IEEE 1588 Std 2008 (PTPv2). With its unique PTP implementation and embedded PTP version translator, the CM-2900-Series allows Slave Clocks of either PTPv1 or PTPv2 to co-exist in the same network.

This fully managed, Layer 2 Gigabit switch provides a powerful set of carrier-grade networking features, including support for IPv4 multicast traffic filtering according to static filters or IGMP snooping, Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs), port control (speed / mode / statistics, flow control), Quality of Service (QoS) traffic prioritization, Link Aggregation (802.3ad), SNMPv/1/v2/v3 management, secure authentication (802.1X, ACLs, Web/CLI), redundancy (RSTP/MSTP) and port mirroring.

The CloudberryAERO CM-2900-RJ45 Series is tested according to RTCA DO-160G.

To enhance reliability, the unit features military temperature grade components, an isolated power supply that protects against voltage surges, spikes and transients and no moving parts,

Key Features

The CloudberryAERO CM-2900-RJ45 Series offers switches with and without time synchronization support for in-flight data communication.

Time Distribution The CM-2900-RJ45 Series is available as a reliable and accurate (< 20 nanosecond) PTP Grand Master Clock and Transparent/Slave Clock according to IEEE 1588 Std 2002 (PTPv1) or IEEE 1588 Std 2008 (PTPv2) standards.
The PTP Grand Master Clock contains a built-in high accuracy GPS receiver.
Interoperability The CM-2900-RJ45 Series supports all relevant IEEE Ethernet standards. Interoperability with other PTP devices are ensured based on extensive testing.
Version Translation The CM-2900-RJ45 Series with its unique embedded PTP version translator feature, allows Slave Clocks of both PTPv1 and PTPv2 to co-exist in the same network
Management The switches in the CM-2900-RJ45 Series offer full management based on HTTP, telnet or SNMP v1/v2/v3 and implements a Cisco like CLI
Version Translation The CM-2900-RJ45 Series offers advanced filtering capabilities. Multicast filters can be set on the switch either based on IGMP snooping or by manual configuration of static filters
VLAN 802.1Q Port based VLAN (static) or dynamic VLAN according to IEEE802.1Q are supported.
Security Security according to IEEE802.1x is supported.


This fully rugged version features Terrapin SCE2 connectors in a sealed IP68 (EMC/water proof) aluminum chassis and serves as an ideal solution for connecting IP-enabled embedded devices deployed in harsh environments.

Product Comparison

CloudberryAERO CM-2900-RJ45 Series product comparison chart

Temperature [-15..70]°C [-15..70]°C [-15..70]°C
Hold up Y Y Y
Transparent Clock Y Y  
Slave Clock Y Y 
Delay mechanism (E2E & P2P) Y Y  
1-step or 2-step clock support Y Y 
Translation PTP V1 to PTP V2 Y Y 
PTPv2 management Y Y  
PPS output Y Y 
Static Multicast filtering and IGMP Y Y Y

Product Versions

CloudberryAERO CM-2900 Series products

Product NameDiscription
CM-2936F0-GMC-AERO-IPV-RJ45Managed Aircraft Ethernet switch with PTP GMC free running clock and TC support, 36 x 10/100/1000BASE-TX (RJ45) with full PTP stack
CM-2936F0-TC-AERO-IPV-RJ45Managed Aircraft Ethernet switch with TC support, 36 x 10/100/1000BASE-TX (RJ45) with full PTP stack
CM-2936F0-AERO-IPV-RJ45Managed Aircraft Ethernet 36 x 10/100/1000BASE-TX (RJ45)

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