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Today’s modern platforms contain dozens of network devices that must be interconnected, including communications and navigation systems and IP-based sensors, weapon systems and video cameras. Ethernet technology is an ideal solution for mobile platforms such as aerial, ground and underwater vehicles. These communication networks are faster, more flexible and offer greater functionality than the legacy, serial and low-speed communications systems currently in place.

We provide a full range of advanced, highly engineered products from Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) systems to fully customized electronic subsystems. Our products are specifically designed to operate reliably in the harsh and climatically demanding environments of the aerospace and defense industry and can be found in Airborne, Ground and Naval Defense applications. Our rugged systems are at the forefront of technology and provide innovative solutions that address complexity, enable modularity and provide growth, while delivering optimal performance for SWaP-C (Space/Weight/Power/Cost) constrained applications.

We have significant technical expertise when it comes to rugged, time synchronized Ethernet switching, routing and timing solutions. We utilize Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE1588 as the core technology to provide clock accuracy in the sub-microsecond range, making our products suitable for communication, measurement and control systems. For example, PTP is able to provide synchronization to sensors, measuring equipment, data acquisition units, network equipment and recorders. We support a variety of market segments, such as the aerospace, defense, energy and remote sensing markets.

Our highly reliable and rugged Gigabit Ethernet switches are RTCA DO160G, MIL-STD 461D, -704E and 810G compliant and are hardened for thermal, shock and vibration extremes.

In addition to our finished and qualified products, we offer comprehensive network and software engineering capabilities to our clients. These include solutions for unique challenges, such as low volume and custom tailored products. Our innovative approach to manufacturing incorporates best practices of the electronics and avionics industries to improve the durability, extend the reliability, and increase the lifecycle of our products.

Besides our products tailored to the Aerospace and Defense industry, OnTime Networks also offers industrial Ethernet switches and IPs based on the OnTime Networks’ PTP/gPTP protocol stack.

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